At Discovery Montessori Preschool, we believe in a collaborative effort of parents and teachers in children’s overall growth and achievements. We always encourage parents to get involved with their children’s activities. There has been a significant amount of recent research on early brain development that has shown positive parental involvement needs to begin long before children enter into formal schooling arrangements. The early years of a child's life are critically important for healthy brain development, attachment formation and language acquisition.

Along with providing information about our Daycare and education methods, We have provided you with helpful resources that can help them find out what works best for their child.

10 Reasons WHY to Choose Discovery Montessori Preschool, USA?

  • 1. Montessori Based Teaching & Learning Methodology
  • 2. Certification by Discovery Montessori Preschool, USA
  • 3. A Blend of American and Montessori Curriculum Supported & Enforced by Highly Qualified         Affluent Academic Team
  • 4. Hygienic & Secured Environment Through CCTV Surveillance and Web Access to Parents on         Demand.
  • 5. E- Learning Reference Tab
  • 6. Specially Designed Nutrition Chart for Different Age Group Children's
  • 7. Parent - Teacher Communication App
  • 8. Sporty Todz Gym for Physiological Development
  • 9. Extracurricular Activity Based Projects that Includes Art & Craft, Music, Arithmetic, Public         Speaking & Creative Writing
  • 10. Specially Designed Daycare Curriculum

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